M&M Controls

M&M Refrigeration’s controls division, M&M Systems, specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative automated control systems.

The controls division can provide solutions for everything from simple, commercially sold units to complex custom industrial plant systems.
• M&M specializes in industrial refrigeration controls systems with a focus on energy savings and safety. Our control system product line is scalable—from equipment control, such as a screw or reciprocating compressor, to full plant control.
• We offer microprocessor and PLC options, PC monitoring software, compressor controls, remote monitoring, and IoT Enterprise solutions.

• All of M&M Systems’ control products are designed with a focus on energy savings, offering a significant reduction in power usage without sacrificing temperature control to provide a rapid return on your investment.
• Energy management tools are built into the controls products including VFD compressor motor control, compressor sequencing, load shifting to off-peak times, thermal energy storage, real time kW monitoring, evaporator load shedding for kW demand limiting, and automated power curtailment .