Ice Rink Packages

M&M has a series of packaged Ice Rink Chillers based on the well-known M&M Refrigeration reciprocating compressors, highly efficient flooded plate and frame evaporators with integrated surge drum, and the very reliable, user friendly M&M Microprocessor Control System .

• The wide range of standard basic Ice Rink Chillers consists of two-compressor units for single rinks and three-compressor units for double rinks.
• Configurable microprocessor control system integrates all required functionality for the equipment as well as rink-level temperature scheduling and event planning.
• Can be custom built to your specifications, and can be crafted to use any available refrigerant
• Ammonia chillers have a low charge
• Can be designed to go inside or outside depending on space constraints and engine room capacity. Systems can be configured as complete engine rooms or added to existing engine rooms
• Available open communications protocols allow easy integration with building management systems .