Pure Refrigeration

Three standard product lines offered within the Pure Refrigeration family of products, Pure Chill, Pure Cold, and Pure Freeze .

PURE CHILL is an ultra-low charge ammonia chiller for higher temperature applications such as air conditioning, coolers, and more.
PURE COLD is an ultra-low charge ammonia chiller for medium temperature applications such as freezers and more.
PURE FREEZE is an ultra-low charge CO2/Ammonia cascade system for low temperature applications such as freezers, blast freezers, IQFs, plate freezers, and more .

Goal of the Pure Refrigeration product line:
A standard product line of industrial refrigeration systems that are simple, efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and reliable .

Benefits and standard features of the Pure Refrigeration family of products:
• Factory assembled, wired, insulated, pressure tested, and shipped with a dry nitrogen charge
• Factory assembled design significantly reduces installation costs and field labor
• Modular design makes additions and future expansions a breeze
• No ammonia in the cold storage space. The cold storage space is cooled by a secondary refrigerant
• Can be mounted on the roof or on the ground
• State of the art PLC and microprocessor based control system