M&M Screw Compressors

All M&M screw compressor packages are designed for a wide range of industrial refrigeration
purposes to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency, operational safety, trouble-free
operation and easy maintenance . Standard screw compressor packages include the following
common main features:

Main features:
• Highly effective three-stage oil separator with coalescing filter elements; oil separators constructed according to current ASME codes and furnished with access manway, sight glasses for oil level inspection, electrical heating element, dual relief valves and oil drain valves
• Liquid injection oil cooling including stop valve, strainer, solenoid valve, motorized expansion valve
• Suction strainer
• Suction and discharge check valves
• 15 micron oil filter
• High quality flexible coupling and OSHA-approved coupling guard n Step-less capacity control
• M&M Microprocessor Control Panel